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This collection includes several thousand of articles and books on the information society, in various languages, freely available for download.


Este site disponibiliza livros e artigos sobre a sociedade da informação em varias línguas. Todos os textos podem ser consultados em forma gratuita.


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LING, Rich; THRANE, Kristin. ''I Don't Watch TV to Like Learn Anything'': The Leisure Use of TV and the Internet  texto
ROPER, Shannon L.; KINDRED, Jeannette. ''IM Here'' Reflections on Virtual Office Hours
ASWALAP, Joy. ''Information Society'' Development in Thailand: Information Workforce and Information and Communication Technology Perspectives
ROGERS, Richard. ''Internet & Society'' in Armenia and Azerbaijan? Web Games and a Chronicle of an Infowar
ZARISKI, Archie. ''Knowledge Networks'' or Discourse Communities?
ZARISKI, Archie. ''Never Ending, Still Beginning'': A Defense of Electronic Law Journals from the Perspective of the E Law Experience
HENDERSON, Albert. ''The Big Lie'' and the Great Newspaper Caper
ABEL-KOPS, Chad P. ''What Has Straw in Common with Wheat?'': A Selective Review of Bibliographic Control in the Field of Homiletics
MEIJER, Albert Jacob. 'Public Eyes': Direct Accountability in an Information Age
KRUSE, Holly. "An Organization of Impersonal Relations": The Internet and Networked Markets

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